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  • X–Power 100 – The fully automatic log splitter

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  • GROWI Meterholzsäge with chassis – Combined ZW + Electric

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  • GROWI GS12 K

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GROWI machines conserve the environment and your resources.

Welcome to GROWI UK

The GROWI company was established in 1860, originally as a blacksmiths shop. GROWI-Machinenbau has been manufacturing log splitters for metre logs and short logs since 1990. Our products are used suitable for home, farm and commercial use.


Only GROWI log splitters have the revolutionary GROWI spring claw (patent pending). This significant innovation makes log splitting much more user friendly. No matter whether you’re using a normal wedge or a splitting cross, no matter whether the wood is thick, knotty, hard or extremely thin, the GROWI spring claw grips in all situations and eases off as necessary with a damping action. Problem-free use of splitting cross, no operating lever deformation.

24 Month Warranty

All Growi products listed here are designed for maximum user-friendliness. Only technologically proven materials and designs (some with patents) whose quality has been demonstrated in practice are used. For more than 35 years, GROWI Machinenbau has focused on the creation of precisely manufactured high-quality products.

When you buy our equipment, you are acquiring a superior product.